Freelancing in Africa:
The million-dollar sidehustle that is taking over Africa
As the internet penetration grows so does the economic opportunities in Africa. Many young digital savvy Africans are turning to the web to mint millions and grow wealth through online freelance gigs. In a series of interviews with experts, enterpreneurs and information from reports, this book will usher you in the gig economy and how you can get in.
This is what you will get in the book:
Real life stories of top-rated freelancers
Experts with years experience in the gig economy
Comprehensive list of global gig/freelance platforms
Tips, tricks and insights on how to get in!
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About the e-Book

After eight good years of working as a freelance journalist, I keep getting questions from budding freelancers on how they can get into the gig world. My answer usually varies from people who want to make quick money to those who want to nurture a skill.

Truthfully, there is no single answer to these questions. Hence, I came up with a resource book to help new entrants and those already engaged in the freelance world, on how to push their brand and secure more jobs.

This is my answer to those seeking the freelance lifestlye, as honest as I could. I also interviewed entrepreneurs who are building these platforms in Africa and what their hopes are for the African talent. I also spoke to six top-rated freelancers to give an insight on their journey and tricks on getting clients.

Finally, I have included a list of over 100 gig sites, both continental and international to give you places you can begin your freelance journey.

My hope is that this book will inspire and guide those seeking more opportunities online.

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Hear from experts from these companies!

“Technology has created new opportunities for youth in Africa to access and compete in both local and global job markets, from anywhere and at any time,” - TERAWORK


“If Africa were to build such platforms and take out at least 5% of the gig marketplace, we would suddenly create millions of jobs for local talent,” - Amadou Daffe, CEO Gebeya


“We are a social enterprise. The developers who work for us do not want aid. They want to earn from their work. And we are creating economic development on the continent,” - Ernesto Spruyt, CEO Tunga


“Over 78 per cent of households in Addis Ababa are struggling to find reliable services such as plumbing and electrical work. The platform, TaskMoby, is an intermediary in matching work with talent,” - Yonas Abeje, Manager TaskMoby


“We came down to the realization that: the gig economy is already a massive sector across the African continent because that is where 85 per cent of youth end up,” - Abu Musuuza, CEO FlipAfrica


“People are leaving jobs to find more flexibility and autonomy, have two to three gigs and work from home,” - Tatenda Furusa, CEO ImaliPay

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About the Author

Vincent started his freelance career in 2012 and has never looked back. He is specialised in tech and business journalism writing for major publications such as Mergermarket,, and ITWeb.Africa. Previously, he has worked in a book publishing company in Kenya.

Freelancing in Africa is his first self-published book seeking to inspire those in the freelance economy with expert views and testimonials from African practitioners.

He studied Communication at Daystar University, Nairobi. Vincent is a husband and a father.


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